My purpose as a mathematics educator is to transform my students into creative thinkers that are proficient at applying their learning to new situations. I actively engage and challenge my students through questioning that requires reflection, the exchange of ideas, and careful explanation of the steps taken to solve a problem. I desire for my students to appreciate the inherent elegance of mathematics while being facile with its ability to describe and quantify the world around us.

I currently teach secondary mathematics and computer science at The Spence School. During the 2015-2016 academic year I will be working with 10th and 12th grade students using problem-based curricula developed at Phillips Exeter Academy. In the spring I will be teaching Algorithms and Programming, an introductory computer science course I designed using the Python programming language, for the third time.

Previously, I taught secondary mathematics in the NYC public school system and undergraduate courses in linear algebra, discrete mathematics, and calculus at Stony Brook University. I worked as computer science teacher during the 2014 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program in New York City, and then as a mentor to new teachers in the summer of 2015.